Project 11

Panzi Hospital, Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo

April 2015 to September 2016


This project involved delivering two front line emergency ambulances to the principal hospital (the first professional ambulances in the city) and a mobile clinic to aid war victims and specifically those with rape related injuries. This project involves designing and building a mobile clinic that can house a field operating tent to deal with war injuries as well as be able to cope with specific gynecological injuries.


The mobile clinic has the following:


  • Large heavy duty marquee style tent acting as a mobile field hospital
  • Generator supplying 220-240 volts with electrical outlets for equipment.
  • Gynecological operating chair
  • Storage for medical equipment and supplies
  • Tent internal lighting
  • Tent external lighting
  • Artificial flooring
  • Seating and tables
  • Medical equipment for operating


Two front line A&E vehicles fully stocked with multiple spare consumables


Spare parts packages for all three vehicles covering most service items required.