Where are the vehicles sourced?


The ambulances are generally sourced from St John Ambulance Service. They retire their vehicles when they stop meeting current environmental standards or where the cost of maintenance exceeds their economic value. It costs them money to decommission these vehicles and they get little for them at auction.

Global Aid Vehicles approached St John Ambulance with the suggestion that we could renovate the obsolete ambulances and arrange to have them driven or shipped to places where they could be of real benefit to poor communities that couldn’t afford to buy ambulances.

Considering the alternatives St John Ambulance has, this is often a better commercial option rather than disposing of the ambulances in the normal manner.

Another bonus to St John Ambulance as a charity is seeing their assets redeployed and continuing to add value to communities in real need, very much in accordance with the ethos of their organisation.

A BIG ‘thank you’ to Roger Clements of St John Ambulance for all his hard work helping us get this charity off the ground and ensuring that these decommissioned ambulances get a second life saving lives around the world.