If you are interested in one of Global Aid Vehicle's ambulances, the criteria that needs to be met is below. This is required to ensure the vehicles can be properly maintained and that the recipient party is capable of utilising the vehicle correctly.


We have an obligation to St John Ambulance who are the main provider of our vehicles to ensure they are ethically distributed and the longevity of the ambulances is secured.


Each project is individual, but as a general rule, the vehicle is fully donated by Global Aid Vehicles, and the recipient meets the shipping or transport costs. There is no profit made from any of our projects.


We do all the work for free but ask for donations to pay for the servicing parts and some logistical admin fees such as insurance and fuel.


Criteria to be met for receiving any vehicle:


If you're interested in receiving any vehicles from us, please answer questions below and state if criteria can be met. If the criteria can’t currently be met, please state how you believe you could achieve it.


Sufficient funds need to be available to:-

  1. Service the vehicle every six months. A printed spreadsheet would need to be filled in logging all service and work carried out to the vehicles to ensure compliance. A basic service would include Oil and filter, Air filter, Diesel filter and would HAVE to be done every 6 months due to the potential extreme conditions. (An approximate cost would be £70-£80 GBP plus labour).

Other service items such as tyres, exhaust, glow plugs and engine belts could be done when required.

  1. Crew the Ambulance with a Driver, Doctor and Nurse (or whatever the local system dictates).
  2. Have the qualified driver trained to “Emergency Blue light response” standard or train one to reduce chances of injury to the crew or damage to the vehicle.
  3. Insure the vehicle for accidental damage etc.
  4. Stock the vehicle with medicine and consumable (bandages, cleaning fluids etc) and have sufficient supplies to continue stocking the vehicle as required.
  5. Have secure and safe parking when not in use.
  6. Be able to find spare parts and service items as required.
  7. Find a qualified and competent mechanic to carry out the work
  8. Add hospital livery as required





Please note that all vehicles and equipment from Global Aid Vehicles is received at the applicants own risk.

No warranty is either given or implied on any vehicle or piece of equipment.

It is the sole responsibility of the receiver to check any item given by Global Aid Vehicles to make sure it is in a safe condition and is suitable for the task it is intended to fulfil.

Global Aid vehicles accepts no responsibility for any harm or damage caused by any of its vehicles, equipment or consumables once donated.

All vehicles, equipment and consumables are donated free of charge and many items will be either out of date or out of warranty. Global Aid Vehicles strives to give items in the best condition achievable but they are by nature second hand. Global Aid Vehicles makes no money whatsoever on any charity project it supports. All receiving organisations must understand and agree to the conditions above before accepting any of its donations.

In accepting any donation, you agree by the terms and conditions above.